From Freddie’s Farm to your family

Freddie grows it

Freddie makes it

Freddie packs it

*(with just a little help from mummy and daddy)

3 Varieties of Fruit Shapes!


Our ‘apeeling’ apple variety contains  crisp refreshing apple and a mouth-watering mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

Freddie really loves these ones!


Our beautiful blueberry variety contains ripe delicious apple, bountiful blueberry and a mesmerising mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

Actually these are Freddie’s favourite…


Our ravishing raspberry variety contains ambrosial apple, rich ripe raspberry, and a 5% magnificent mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.

No, these are definitely his first choice…unless it’s a Tuesday, or a Friday. He says it’s too hard to choose!

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What's in our food?

Honestly, Nothing else added!

Grown and packed at Freddies Farm

…Now that’s one tiny carbon footprint

Vegan, 100% plant based, gluten free and 1 of your 5-a-day!