ABOUT Freddie

Hi! I’m Freddie and I live on our fruit farm in Kent with my Mummy and Daddy, baby sister Ottie and my dog Biscuit. My Daddy is a farmer, and he says we’ve been farmers forever and ever. I help Daddy here when I’m not at nursery, we have orchards and grow apples and pears, and lots of other yummy things like blueberries, raspberry and lots of vegetable too. Mummy is always trying to grow new things in her greenhouse and I help with the muddy bits and the watering.

Daddy is really clever at turning our fruit into snacks for me and Ottie. I thought it would be kind to share these snacks with my friends and asked Daddy if he could do that. He thought it was a great idea and he’s even called them Freddie’s Farm after me!

Daddy is always around as his clever factory is next door to our house and right in the middle of the orchard so it’s super quick to make snacks for me. He says this is a tiny carbon footprint. My footprints are certainly tiny compared to his ones.

I asked Daddy to explain how he makes them, he says he mixes fresh fruit and vegetables and slowly dries them out. He don’t bake them (which takes out so much of the goodness) and certainly doesn’t fry them, he adds no flavourings, colourings, or anything to bulk them out. So all you and I get is the delicious natural flavour of British farm grown produce. He says they are low in sugar, and high in fibre. I say they are yummy!