What makes us Special?

It’s simple really – firstly we start with FRESH British fruit and veg – never concentrates and purees like everyone else. Secondly we have a patented process which keeps free sugars lower, more about that later. Finally we use paper packs and just cardboard boxes. This means we’re 100% kerbside recyclable.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. We use FRESH British Produce!

We’re farmers, 4th generation and proud of it. We love championing Great British produce, that’s why it’s all we use, as much as possible from our own orchards and fields which surround the factory. And we only use FRESH product never concentrates or purees like everyone else. Hey fresh fruit and veg is always better than dried, but when that’s not possible we feel our snacks are the next best thing.

2. No concentrates or purees - AND our patented process!

So we have our own patented process, which combined with our use of fresh fruit and veg helps to keep free sugars lower. You can find our more here about free sugars, but what does it mean for you? Well free sugars cause sugar highs and crashes, which as parents ourselves, we know is the last thing you need! Because it’s patented you know that NO ONE ELSE can make it the way we do.

3. 100% Recyclable Paper Packets!

Unlike our competitors we have paper packets – we are the first to do this! That means you can simply pop our paper packets and cardboard boxes straight into the recycling bin at home. Like our sustainable farming methods, our packets are sustainable too. Protecting the planet for the very generation we are feeding in an exceptionally delicious and healthy way.

Free Sugars – What are they?

Not all fruit sugars are the same.

We all know that sugar is bad, and we all know that fruit contains sugar, but not all fruit sugars are equal. There is a bond between the natural sugar and fibre in fruit and vegetables, so when you bake it this bond is broken. This sugar is now known as free sugar.

What does this mean for you and your children?

These sugars can be absorbed more readily by our bodies, which can lead to sugar highs and crashes. This conversion to free sugar happens when other brands make their concentrates and purees, and when baking these purees to make their ‘fruit’ snacks.

This is how we fixed it!

This is where we differ. Our use of FRESH fruit and veg combined with our patented process, helps to maintain this bond, so that the fruit sugars are absorbed more slowly. We’re the only snack that complies with Public Health England’s latest guidance on free sugars. So, you don’t get those sugar highs. The last thing you need with a toddler is a sugar crash!

Our snacks might look a little different to what you are used to seeing – here’s why we’re PROUD of that!

We don’t know about you, but we like to KNOW what we are feeding our children. And you don’t need to take our word for it – you can see all the goodness for yourself. From the jewel coloured beetroot and bright orange carrots to ruby red raspberries. It’s never homogenised purees with us. Proper food to fuel proper fun!

So remember…

1. We use BRITISH produce – never importing produce from abroad -in fact as much as possible comes from our Farm in the Garden of England.

2. Our use of FRESH fruit & veg combined with our PATENTED PROCESS means we have lower free sugars. Meaning fewer sugar highs and crashes!

3. We have 100% RECYCLABLE PACKAGING – paper packets and cardboard boxes. Sustainable AND delicious!

About Us

FROM FREDDIE’S FARM TO YOUR FAMILY – We grow it, we make it, we pack it and we love it. We are a real family with a real hunger to make a change in the way that children currently snack. Freddie’s Daddy Charlie grows and makes our snacks right next door to the farmhouse. While Freddie’s Mummy, Laurie, is in charge of social media and marketing, and his baby sister is in charge of eating the profits! And well Freddie, he is the inspiration for it all!

Not only do we want to create delicious healthy snacks we want to protect the planet for the very generation we are feeding! We love hearing from our customers and love a chat, so drop us an email or follow our journey on Facebook or Instagram for more information, pictures and for all latest news about all the fun we are getting up to on Freddie’s Farm.