Mixed Berry Bars x 30

This box contains 30 x 20g Berry Bars – 10 of each flavour: strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. They all contain apples, carrots, beetroot and spinach too – and of course with strawberry, blueberry and raspberry added each flavour! The perfect box to go!

We recommend these from 12 month’s plus, but every child’s weaning journey is totally different and you need to be guided by them. As with any new food for your child, start slowly, and of course never leave them unattended while eating.

You’ll notice when you open the bars there is a little game in them, with a hidden discount code for grown-ups to use on your next order! It’s printed on 100% recyclable paper to give the bars a little extra protection with the paper packaging.

Gluten and dairy free, no added sugar, plant based, one of your 5-a-day and Kosher



Our Berry Bars contain blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, of course, then apples, carrots, beetroot, and spinach - nothing else added at all. 

About Us

FROM FREDDIE’S FARM TO YOUR FAMILY – We grow it, we make it, we pack it and we love it. We are a real family with a real hunger to make a change in the way that children currently snack. Freddie’s Daddy Charlie grows and makes our snacks right next door to the farmhouse. While Freddie’s Mummy, Laurie, is in charge of social media and marketing, and his baby sister is in charge of eating the profits! And well Freddie, he is the inspiration for it all!

Not only do we want to create delicious healthy snacks we want to protect the planet for the very generation we are feeding! We love hearing from our customers and love a chat, so drop us an email or follow our journey on Facebook or Instagram for more information, pictures and for all latest news about all the fun we are getting up to on Freddie’s Farm.