100% Plastic Free

Our packets are 100% plastic free. The packets themselves are made of paper, and the boxes are cardboard. This means you can recycle them both at home, just with your paper recycling. Lots of brands have schemes where you can post empty packs back, and while that’s great, it’s our responsibility to make it as easy as possible for you to be green.

100% Pioneering

While paper packets might not seem that revolutionary, we are the FIRST and ONLY kid’s snack to have 100% plastic free packaging. While other leading brands might seem to have paper packets, they are actually lined with plastic. Sneaky. Sometimes simple is best, like our farming methods we like everything we do to be sustainable, green and protecting the planet.

Tiny Carbon Footprint

We grow everything, in our orchards and fields, which surround Freddie’s Factory. We don’t import anything. Take a look at other products you buy and pay close attention to where it’s made. We would rather make less money but provide our children, not only with the best possible nutrition, but with a sustainable future which doesn’t involve an unnecessary carbon footprint.

Uk Grown and Made

UK, Grown, Made and Packed

Some people are pretty sneaky, they will say packed in the UK, meaning it’s made abroad, the ingredients will be from all over the place then flown or shipped into the UK for one last boxing up to allow them to write that. NOT us. Grown, made, and packed – INTO PAPER – on Freddie’s Farm in Kent. Hopefully setting a good example for Freddie and Ottie. 

About Us

FROM FREDDIE’S FARM TO YOUR FAMILY - We grow it, we make it, we pack it and we love it. We are a real family with a real hunger to make a change in the way that children currently snack. Freddie’s Daddy Charlie grows and makes our snacks right next door to the farmhouse. While Freddie's Mummy, Laurie, is in charge of social media and marketing, and his baby sister is in charge of eating the profits! And well Freddie, he is the inspiration for it all!

Not only do we want to create delicious healthy snacks we want to protect the planet for the very generation we are feeding! We love hearing from our customers and love a chat, so drop us an email or follow our journey on Facebook or Instagram for more information, pictures and for all latest news about all the fun we are getting up to on Freddie’s Farm.