What everyone else does

So if you look at other snacks or pouches available, we were really surprised to find that no one as far as we can see used only British ingredients. So many companies were actually boasting about sourcing their ingredients all over the world! How is flying, or shipping fruit and veg all over the world a good thing?

Other leading companies, and again they boast, that they BAKE their products! Not us! We dehydrate.

We dehydrate – once our fruit and vegetables have been washed, sorted and blitzed into a tasty smoothie, they are then put into our dehydrator where warm air is blown over them for hours and hours.

This slow drying method keeps all the goodness of the fresh produce, but allows you to keep it much longer. Drying like this is a natural way of preserving fruit, and has been used as far back as the Ancient Egyptians! It doesn’t get simpler or more natural than that.

As uncomplicated as it seems, this is a top-secret patented method (clever Freddie’s Daddy), and it ensures all the nutrients from our delicious fruit and vegetables go straight to Freddie’s tummy.

Our fruit shapes only contain the natural sugars found in our fruit and veg. However, as the fruit has not been boiled, cooked, baked or fried, as other fruit snacks have been, there is a slower rate of absorption compared to other fruit snacks.

While we all strive to cut down the amount of sugar in our own, and in our children’s diets; sugars from fruits and vegetables help to provide energy to our young farmers to get all their important jobs done, it’s hard work after all!

About Us

We are the real deal. We are not a made-up farm, with a pretend character on the box. We are Freddie’s Farm.

We grow our ingredients, we make our own products, and package them all on site

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